Intra Uterine
Insemination Catheter

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Intra Uterine Insemination Catheter

The I.U.I catheter is available in Teflon and cannula which was made of Non-Toxic Medical Grade polypropylene and ethyl vinyl acetate respectively. The ethyl vinyl acetate comes with an adapter whereas polypropylene comes with straight and curved options.

Two side holes are provided at the tip.


  • All products are supplied ETO sterilised, in peel-open packs.The IUI Catheter (Cannula)can also be supplied Gamma radiated on request.
  • All items can be supplied with 1 ml or 2 ml syringe. Please specify.
Part Name Size Length Part Number
IUI Catheter-Straight (open end) 6F 11cm 6-11-IUISTR-OPEN
IUI Catheter-Straight (closed end) 6F 11cm 6-11-IUISTR-CLOSED
IUI Catheter Curved 6F 11cm 6-11-IUICURVED
IUI Cannula 6F/8F 11cm / 7.5cm 6/8-1/7.5-IUICANNULA
6F/8F 12cm / 9cm 6/8-12/9-IUICANNULA
6F/8F 14cm / 10.5cm 6/8-14/10.5-IUICANNULA
6F/8F 17cm / 12cm 6/8-17/12-IUICANNULA
6F/8F 17.3cm / 13cm 6/8-17.3/13-IUICANNULA

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