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IBS Medical Equipment – Best Quality Urology Equipment


The input of leading urologists has made us source highly configured equipment that consist of Uretheral Sound instrument for treating urethra related diseases, ultrasonic disintegration apparatus for the treatment of kidney stones, cystoscope for endoscopy treatment, ureteric balloon catheter for the treatment of obstacles of the ureter and some other general instruments.

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IBS Medical Equipment – Best Quality Endoscopy Equipment


Some of the advanced treatment in Gastroenterology require technically well-structured equipment such as Gastroscope, Colonscope, Microscope, Duodenoscope, Enteroscope, Sigmoidoiscope, Balloon Dilator, Ultrasound endoscope, Heater Probe, Endoscopic Snare and some more. All these equipment would be supplied according to the specific requirement of the physician.

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IBS Medical Equipment – Best Quality Gynaecology Equipment


Based on the requirements of the Gynaecologists, a wide variety of equipment will be provided for primitive and advanced female reproductive system treatments. We also consider order from small physicians under needy situations. Vagina Retractors, Vagina Speculum, Obstetrical Forceps, Tenaculum Forceps, Ovum Forceps and Uterine Polypus Forceps are the instruments available with us.

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IBS Medical Equipment – Best Quality CPR Manikin

CPR Manikin

There is a need for human corpses to exhibit the actual working of the human body to students of medical universities. CPR manikins are used for providing effective training to give a more realistic practice in the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. IBS Medical Equipments Sdn Bhd is the appointed distributor for Brayden Training Manikin in Malaysia.

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